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Wholesale Hydroseeding
& Erosion Control Supplies

Hydroseeding Supplies

EarthGuard provides immediate erosion and sediment control like no other product on the market. It is highly effective and cost efficient. Available in multiple forms and can be used in a variety of manners.

Vertex® Wood Fiber Mulch
Vertex® Wood Fiber Mulch Plus Tackifier
Vertex® Fiber Reinforced Matrix

EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix (FM)
EarthGuard® SFM Soil Stablizing Emulsion

NaturesOwn hydro-mulch is a cellulose fiber mulch manufactured from clean recycled newspaper. Used for hydro-seeding purposes, It has 20% more loading capacity than wood mulch and is packaged in easy to handle bages. Each bag weighs 50lbs. This hydro-mulch mixes quickly with water and flows smoothly allowing for uniform distribution, which creates even growth.

                Nature's Own® High Density                                                
                Nature's Own® High Density Plus Tac                                
                Nature's Own® Jet Mix
                Nature's Own® Evolution
                Nature's Own® X-9000 BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix)

                Hydro Compost
                Triple Tac
                                                        Growth Stimulant
                                                        Pro 40DC - Acrylic Polymer

HydroStraw® hydro-seeding mulch is an innovative new mulch product made right here in the USA. Specially formulated composition of annually renewable natural fibers, tackifier, and other additives provides a new alternative.

      HydroStraw® Original Mulch
      HydroStraw® Guar Plus
      HydroStraw® BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix)
      HydroStraw® Strawlock
      HydroStraw® All Purpose Straw


Wood-Lok Blend is produced from the highest quality virgin poplar and pine wood chips then blended with clean, 100% recycled paper products. Pro-Tac tackifier is added to enhance hydroseeding and erosion control applications. The percent of virgin wood fiber and clean recycled paper in each bag is determined by our customers as each order is made to the individual customer’s requirements.

Wood-Lok (100% Wood)                                        
Wood-Lok with Pro Tack                                       
Wood-Lok with Tack (3% Guar Gum)
Wood-Lok Blended 90/10
Wood-Lok Blended 50/50
Wood-Lok BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix)

Wood-Lok SMM
                                                                           Premium Paper Mulch

                                                                     Premium Paper with Tac

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