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The Benefits of Central Fiber® products:

  • The most contaminant-free mulch available
  • Excellent consistency, coverage and color retention
  • Superior water-retaining, mixing and dispersing characteristics
  • Helps create soil conditions needed for successful germination
  • Hydroseeding Products

    From wood — to paper-mulch fiber, or a blend of the two, Central Fiber® provides superior moisture-retention to accelerate the growth process — while keeping erosion to a minimum.

*All mulch products listed below are FOB Tyler, Texas 75702
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
*All mulch orders must be in pallet quantities.
*Final freight prices will be determined at time of product shipment.
*All estimated freight prices are subject to change.


*Wood Fiber Mulch Recovered hardwood chips make Second Nature® Wood Fiber the finest, most contaminant-free mulch available today. It's the ideal choice for all landscaping, commercial, government and DOT projects, offering excellent consistency, coverage and color retention.

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*Wood Fiber Blend Mulch Wood Fiber Blend is a combination of superior, all-natural wood fiber and the industry's leading paper fiber mulch. It gives you the benefits of both products in one easy-to-handle, fifty-pound package.

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*Paper Fiber Mulch Manufactured from recycled paper, Second Nature® Paper Fiber Mulch is the professional choice for hydroseeding. Its superior water-retaining, mixing and dispersing characteristics truly make a natural choice.

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*Easy Mix Easy Mix is a less-densely packaged paper fiber mulch designed especially for jet agitation machines. Easy Mix provides rapid dispersion and quick application for today's hydroseeding professional.
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*Premium Revegetative Overspray Environmentally safe and biodegradable, Second Nature® Straw Tack nails down vegetative mulch for a clean, cost-effective overspray. Made from a blend of special paper fibers, Straw Tack is widely used in state seeding projects.
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*Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)

Central Fiber's® bonded fiber matrix product is made from non-toxic, biodegradable, premium fiber materials. It's a one-bag product - no additional tackifiers or additives needed - that performs as an erosion control material and germination catalyst for slope re-vegetation. BFM anchors itself to the soil surface and cures to a flexible crust, providing "mat-type" stability on the steepest of slopes. It lets seeds germinate quickly, even in arid climates.

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